Every year on June 13th, chamoy lovers across America come together for a spicy feast in celebration of National Chamoy Day. Let Sophia show you how it’s done.

For every chamoy lover, everyday is National Chamoy Day.
For every chamoy lover, everyday is National Chamoy Day.

Every chamoy lover will tell you that every day is chamoy day, but there’s no doubt that National Chamoy Day is a special celebration for one of the most versatile Mexican condiments. 

It’s a tradition that we revisit every June 13th not only because this delicious ingredient is the foundation of our business, but because it’s also a true reflection of our rich and diverse culture: bold, eclectic, and joyful.

As the years have gone by, we’ve noticed a growing chamoy-loving community across social media representing all sorts of backgrounds from different generations. Join us in honor of National Chamoy Day and let us show you how we celebrate our favorite annual holiday the Sophia’s Spicy Treats way.

What is Chamoy?

What is chamoy?

Chamoy is the quintessential Mexican condiment or dipping sauce used to season anything from beverages to crunchy snacks and candy. 

Today, you can find different varieties of chamoy but the original chamoy is a bright red topping usually made from a mix of dried fruits, such as dried apricots, prunes, mango or plums, chili powder and lime juice. 

Chamoy’s taste is well-balanced between sweet and spicy creating a layered blend of rich flavor. It has a sweet and sour taste with a sweet smell. 

5 Quick Facts About Chamoy…

1. The earliest origins of chamoy can be traced back to1590 with Chinese immigrants to Mexico.

The original see mui.
The original see mui.

Although chamoy is a popular Mexican condiment, food historians believe it may have developed from ‘see mui’ (pronounced as see-moy; see-moy = cha-moy ) a salty, dried apricot Chinese snack. 

2. High-quality chamoy is a healthy treat.

A healthy snack away, keeps the doctor away.
A healthy snack away, keeps the doctor away.

Thanks to its natural origins, quality chamoy is the perfect low-fat, low-carb, gluten free, vegan-friendly snack.

3. Chamoy is not the same as Tajin.

Chamoy and Tajín are completely different, but they go oh-so-well together.
Chamoy and Tajín are completely different, but they go oh-so-well together.

Chamoy is so versatile it is also found in different consistencies: pastes, sauces, and powders. On the other hand, Tajín is a popular condiment that often gets confused with chamoy, but in Mexico, it’s best known as a salty seasoning that combines lime, salt, and chili powder. 

4. Chamoy can be used to flavor grilled meats.

You gotta try this chamoy glazed pork tenderloin with mango salsa recipe!
You gotta try this chamoy glazed pork tenderloin with mango salsa recipe!

The sweet and tangy flavors in chamoy goes perfectly well with meats like pork, steak, and lamb. You can use it as a marinade or a glaze. 

5. Chamoy is trending.

Chamoy pickles are the newest TikTok craze.
Chamoy pickles are the newest TikTok craze.

From TikTok to Instagram, chamoy is making huge waves in social media. The popularity of mangonadas, dulces enchilados and chamoy pickles have made tracks with people from all over the world in recent years. 

To learn more about the history of chamoy, click here.

Why Do We Celebrate National Chamoy Day?

Perhaps the question is, why not?!
Perhaps the question is, why not?!

National Chamoy Day happens annually on June 13th since it was first created in 2021. As a Mexican-American family business, sharing our love for chamoy and other popular candy is a way to expand the sweet repertoire in the digital world. 

The Sophia’s Spicy Treats team believes that by sharing our spicy-yet-sweet traditions, we teach people about the diversity of the cuisine and culture of Mexico.

National Chamoy Day may be a young holiday compared to others, but this day gives everyone a chance to try out chamoy and discover its versatility in everyday meals and special occasions.

How Can I Take Part in Celebrating National Chamoy Day?

Chamoy is without a doubt our pride and joy here at Sophia’s Spicy Treats, so let us show you how you can join in this special annual holiday. 

Make yourself at home!

Try Out Chamoy

Try Out Chamoy

We get it. Trying out new foods can be a bit overwhelming, but if you never go out of your comfort zone, you risk missing out on a lot. 

Research suggests that variation in your diet is equally important for your body, mind and soul. You’ll never know if you like chamoy until you allow yourself to try it. Chamoy might be your newest food obsession!

Trying new foods introduces you to different cultures, too. Take this as an opportunity to expand your palate and discover new flavors and textures that you may have never experienced before. 

Curious? Get your hands in the tastiest chamoy candy here.

Have a Chamoy Date 

The best way to their heart is through their stomach.
The best way to their heart is through their stomach.

After 14 years of happy marriage, we’re confident to say we’ve given each other everything you could possibly imagine: tons of chocolate boxes, dozens of red roses, a coffee subscription… But have you heard of a charcuterie board made with chamoy before?

We think that the best gifts couples can give to each other are the ones we take time and effort to make for them, from a handwritten note to curating the most delicious appetizers for movie night.

This year for Valentine’s Day, we decided to make our very own charcuterie board made with our favorite Mexican candy: chamoy. We call this a Cha-MOY-cuterie Board, a mouthwatering combination of all things chamoy, which includes dip pastes, veggies, and chips.

You have to give this one a try!

Make the most out of date night! Learn how to make your own Cha-MOY-cuterie Board at home here.

Let Your Inner Child Come Out to Play with Chamoy Candy

Let Your Inner Child Come Out to Play with Chamoy Candy

Reconnecting with your inner child is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress of the daily adult routine. Letting your old childlike self come out and play is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself of that sense of wonder, curiosity, and pure innovative freedom you once felt.

Spice up your life and let your inner child come out with the sweetest treat ever created: candy. And what do you think our favorite Mexican candy is? If you guessed chamoy, you’ve guessed right.

Uncover the rich variety of flavors and colors, combined with natural ingredients and our generations-old techniques come together in every bite. And most importantly, have fun!

New to the chamoy candy game? Try our chamoy candy sampler here. Already a chamoy aficionado? Make it your home staple with our subscription boxes here.

From everyone at Sophia’s Spicy Treats, Happy National Chamoy Day!!!

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