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What's The Most Popular Mexican Candy? Here’s Our Top 6

A vision from candy heaven. If you know, you know.

Mexico is known for its exceptional cuisine and, believe it or not, candy is not the exception. There are so many options out there: sweet, tangy, spicy, sour… With plenty of options, you can expect a burst of flavor with each lick or bite. 

Mexican candy comes in a wide range of flavors and styles, from tamarind-flavored lollipops to yummy milk candies. We compiled our top 6 most popular Mexican candies for you to try now—even if you’re never visited before!

1. Paleta Payaso

Paleta Payaso

Smiley face, sad face. Which one did you get today?

Clowns are very much loved by Mexican people. Even National Geographic noticed the big presence of colorful costumes and vibrant masks across the region on figurines and performers alike. 

According to this article, the mix of religious belief mixed with traditional and historical background makes clowns so appealing among the entire population. Rest assured, in a country with a rich culture and visual overload, clowns have left their influential stamp on sweet delicacies. 

Paleta Payaso is a big delicious treat whose name translates to “clown lollipop.” It’s a favorite among all Mexican candy because of the layered flavors you get with each bite.

Paleta Payaso consists of a big, round, white marshmallow stick, encased in a milk chocolate cover, and topped with sweet, sugar-covered gummies that deliver a one-of-a-kind smiling clown face design. 

These sweet treats have been in the market since 1972 and have captivated generations of hearts ever since. No piñata is safe from this clown!

Shop Paleta Payaso here.

2. De La Rosa Mazapán

De La Rosa Mazapán

A mazapán a day keeps the doctor away.

Not all Mexican candies need to be spicy to win people’s top spot. 

In fact, most traditional candies are made of a combination of natural ingredients, such as milk, nuts and honey—just ask your abuela

De La Rosa Mazapán is a popular, crumbly delight made primarily of ground peanuts, almond meal, honey and sugar. This delicious salty-sweet peanut confection is packed in a round disc shape and wrapped in clear cellophane with the traditional rosa (rose) as a nod to its name. It comes in two varieties: original and chocolate-covered mazapán. Either presentation has a taste that melts in your mouth. 

This candy is loved by kids and adults alike. We dare you to try one! Bonus points if you can unwrap one without it crumbling apart.

3. Pelón Pelo Rico

Pelón Pelo Rico

Pull both ends apart for a spoon-full of spicy magic! One of the top Mexican candies the country has to offer.

What would a favorite Mexican candy list be without any spicy options? Spicy candy is currency in Mexican schools. Once you find your favorite, your taste buds will find it hard to part ways with it. 

Pelon Pelo Rico can be categorized as a spicy, tamarind-based paste. Made of primarily tamarind pulp and a mixture of chili powder, this squeezable candy is slightly spicy, sweet, and everything in between. 

This irresistible paste is packed in a push-down bottle that, when pressed, comes out the top meant to look like strands of candy “hair” (pelo = hair, get it?). You can push down as far as you want to taste the delicious and irresistible fruity flavor. 

These fun treats come in many flavors: original, lime, watermelon, and extra spicy. It is so popular, you’re sure to find all Pelon Pelo Rico variations at your local corner shop or bodega.

Shop Pelon Pelo Rico here.

4. Rebanaditas 

Rebanaditas Paleta

Not for the faint of heart! You can’t beat the sweet candy, watermelon flavor.

If you ever tried Mexican aguas frescas, you’ll definitely understand why fruit-shaped lollipops rule over all candy. With just a lick of the delicious hard suckers, you’re immediately transported to a tianguis or mercadito in the middle of CDMX.

Made by popular candy manufacturer, Vero, Rebanaditas are your quintessential spicy pops. These watermelon flavor lollipops get their name from the spanish word “rebanadas” which means “slices.” 

Rebanaditas are simply one of the best Mexican lollipops: fresh and sour slices of watermelon topped by a generous chili powder cover. Fret not, if you’re scared of anything spicy, these treats also come in a sweet-sour version without the spice. 

The spicy coating is made from a tamarind and chili powder mixture that’s subtly sweet, tangy, and spicy—just in case you’re thinking about pulling the plug!

Shop Rebanaditas here.

5. Rockaleta 


How many licks to the center of a Rockaleta?

How many licks to the center of a jawbreaker? Think of the time your dad got your first speckled jawbreaker and how desperate you were to uncover the colorful layers that lied in between. 

Wasn’t that so much fun? 

But, if you thought that jawbreakers, also known as gobstoppers in the UK, were the best candy to come out of the 20th century, you have seen nothing yet. Or, at least, you haven’t been to Mexico in the past 30 years!

Made by candy maker Sonrics, Rockaleta is one of the most popular Mexican lollipops in the country. 

This big, spicy sphere is a multi-layered surprise of flavor. Once you get past the red, tangy outercover, you’ll be transported by its multiple colorful tastiness: sweet, sour, tangy, and of course, spicy. The center is a strawberry flavored bubblegum to clean your palette ready for the next. 

You won’t be able to devour just one!

Shop Rockaleta here.

6. Lucas Skwinkles and Salsaghetis 

Let’s face it. Fun candy is simply the best. You get not only a delicious treat but something to do while you’re eating it. 

A spiced-up division of the big candy corporation, Mars Wrigley, Lucas is the south-of-the-border response to all your gringo candy. As self-proclaimed “chili candy experts,” Lucas is behind one of the most modern recess time creations since Hopscotch. 

Lucas Skwinkles Clasicos

You can never go wrong with a classic.

Lucas Skwinkles are candy straws that come in flavors like strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, and mango and are topped off with powdered tamarind and spices. These fun strings also come in a wider version, Skwinkles Rellenos, which are filled with a soft, tamarind paste. 

It doesn’t get any better than that! Or, does it? Think of Lucas Salsaghetis as the thinner and shorter version of Swinkles. Salsaghetis get their name from “salsa” (sauce) and “ghetis” (short for spaghetti), which tells you all you need to know about this cool candy.


The saucier, the better.

With Lucas Skwinkles Salsaghetis you get a portion of thin Skwinkles and a packet of chamoy sauce—the best of both worlds. Mix both and you’ll get a sticky, chewy, sweet, sour, salty, and spicy mess. Or eat separately and melt in a pool of chamoy while sucking on soft strings of sugary sweetness.

Shop Lucas Salsaguetis here.

So… How do I get my hands on all of these candies?

Finding your international candy faves can be hard if you don’t know of them already. Using your PTO for a quick Mexican candy escapade isn’t always the best decision. Luckily, finding these sweet treats is becoming a little easier here. 

At Sophia’s Spicy Treats we are dedicated to bringing you a piece of the motherland to your home—at least for a sweet while! 

Want more snack inspiration? Don’t forget to tune in! We add new and classic Mexican candy to our inventory every week. If we’re missing any, leave us a comment below with your favorite treat. 

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